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Have You Backed Up Your Profile… Lately?

Your profile is unique, and if something was to happen to it, think of all that could be lost! To save you time and frustration should anything happen, it is easy to avoid problems with a quick occasional backup. Really, it’s easy! You can do it right now.

  • Start Dragon.
  • From the Profile menu, select Manage User Profiles. This displays the Manage User Profiles dialog box.
  • In the dialog box, select the user profile(s) you want to export for safe-keeping.
  • Once you have selected a user/profile(s), click the Advanced button and then select Backup.
There, don’t you feel better knowing your data is backed up? Now, since it’s the start of a new year, set yourself a calendar reminder to backup your data regularly: maybe every Friday, the 1st of every month or once a quarter – whatever makes the most sense for you. Your productivity will never miss a beat!

In applications for which Dragon does not have Full Text Control (represented by the check mark indicator on the DragonBar), Dragon 12 will automatically open the Dictation Box. For example, when using Google Docs it is suggested that you use the Dictation Box so that you can enjoy Dragon’s normal capabilities as you dictate, correct, and edit your text. Note that this automatic opening is an optional setting, which by default is enabled but can be changed on the Miscellaneous tab of the options dialog. If you disable this option you can always launch the Dictation Box by saying “Open Dictation Box."

In text fields like DragonPad and Word, Dragon has Full Text Control—meaning ALL its capabilities for dictating and editing text (e.g. the first word is capitalized, spacing is adjusted after an insertion, correction and commands like “delete xyz” always work as expected). Where there isn't Full Text Control (such as in PowerPoint), you may wish to use the Dictation Box, a resizable intermediary. In Dragon 12, this box opens automatically if there isn't Full Text Control (this default can be turned off in the Options dialog). Note: on the box, you can use the Settings button to, for instance, keep the content in the Clipboard. 
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Dragon, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer — quickly and accurately — just by using your voice. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

With the recent release of the all-new Dragon NaturallySpeaking 14 excitement has been high, with it's productivity enhancements including expanded voice capabilities for popular web applications, support for built-in microphones and a new interface with easier set-up, Dragon 14 is faster, more accurate, and our most flexible version to date. Check out what's new by clicking here:

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"The pace of writing would not be remotely conceivable to me without Dragon" Joe R.
Dragon offers many simple and powerful vocabulary tools to allow you to make your dictations faster and more convenient. The Help contains much information about personalizing the Vocabulary.
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Customizing the vocabulary. 
How often do you use a phrase or name that may seem commonplace to you, but a person who hears it for the first time may not be able to spell it: that name is not yet part of this person’s vocabulary. Similarly, if a word or phrase is not in Dragon’s active vocabulary, the software cannot transcribe it correctly without a little instruction. This month our focus is on customizing Dragon’s vocabulary to speed dictation and improve overall recognition so you can work faster and smarter. 
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking  and Windows 8 and 10?
We want you to know
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 has been tested
to meet all of the technical requirements
to be Windows 8 and Windows 10 Compatible.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking  is jam-packed with over 100 NEW Features and Enhancements that will ignite a whole new level of personal productivity. You will agree that Dragon NaturallySpeaking delivers an amazing speech recognition experience that helps you create content and control your computer with greater speed and ease than ever before—for home, school or work

Dragon offers many simple and powerful vocabulary tools to allow you to make your dictations faster and more convenient. The Help contains much information about personalizing the Vocabulary.
To explore the Vocabulary Editor’s interface say Edit vocabulary. The Vocabulary Editor opens; its scrollable window lists the entries currently in Dragon’s active vocabulary.

Open the Display drop-down list (located at the bottom) and choose Words containing spaces. Other vocabulary displays include Words containing digits, Words containing capitalization, and Words with special properties. By browsing these, you can learn more about what the software uses to transcribe your dictation. You also get ideas about what entries you might add or edit.

Entries can include:

Jargon and phrases specific to your profession (such as distro, site visit)
Names of places, facilities or organizations (such as Building 52)
Names of products (such as Latex Exterior Semi-Gloss)
Acronyms, part numbers, codes (such as FICA, 501c(3) or RX-70y)
Names of people (such as clients, coworkers, friends, relatives)

Expand your vocabulary with the Vocabulary Editor 
Dragon’s Vocabulary Editor lets you view what can be transcribed from the computer’s active memory; it also allows you to add new entries, as well as edit existing entries-including their Spoken Forms and Properties.

Make a vocabulary list, check it twice - and import it
Now that you have your list of words, you are ready to add these vocabulary entries all at once. It's easy. Follow the simple steps below.
Excercise 1:
  • Open a word processor (such as DragonPad or say “open DragonPad”) and start a list of vocabulary entries relevant to you.
  • Make sure each entry is on a separate line and everything is spelled, capitalized and spaced correctly. If not, every time you dictate your newly added word will be spelled incorrectly.
  • To include a Spoken Form (which we’ll outline in exercise 2,) follow the Written Form with a backslash character then the Spoken form. For example, Grb II/grab two.
  • Save this document as a .txt file.
  • Say Import Custom Words, or use the DragonBar’s Vocabulary menu to pick “import lists of words or phrases.”
  • On the resulting dialog box, click the Add File button.
  • The Add File window appears. Locate the file containing your list and Click Open.
  • Click Next. The software will import the listed items into your vocabulary.

The importance of spoken forms
Oftentimes, especially if you work in a specific industry, phrases, words or acronyms you use may not be pronounced the way they are written. Spoken forms are an efficient way to help Dragon transcribe “special words.”
Spoken forms can be used to allow the speaker to say something quite different, shorter, or easier than their written form. For instance, you say “E O B stat,” and Dragon types “Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statement.”

Spoken forms must not include punctuation, abbreviations, or symbols. For example:

Written form: The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Spoken form: the man from uncle

Exercise 2:

  • From the display drop-down list of the Vocabulary Editor, choose “words with spoken forms only.”
  • Take a moment to scroll through and look at existing Spoken forms; you will get ideas for what kinds of entries warrant them and how they can be written.
  • When you are ready to enter your entries, simply Click Add and begin adding the phrases you use daily into Dragon’s active Vocabulary.

Sync with Evernote and access your notes everywhere

Dragon Anywhere on iOS now offers tight integration with Evernote, the popular note-taking app. All your dictated notes captured using Dragon Anywhere can be synchronized with Evernote. Your notes, documents and more are instantly available on all your devices and wherever you go.

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