Developed for professionals

In the office or in the field the DS-7000 is the favored choice for
professionals who expect and required the highest quality and

From its large 2" TFT LCD screen to its intuitive controls it is designed to
make your experience streamlined.
The microphone is designed for speech recognition and is enclosed in
isolated independant housing.
The DS-7000 is equiped with lithium-ion batteries reducing charge time and extending battery life.
Voice commands make for efficeint use of your time.
Professional editing commands allow for insert, overwrite, and append; all by the convient thumb switch

System Integration

The DS-7000 software is designed to integrate with Dragon Naturally Speaking. It can be configured to convert dictation files directly into MicroSoft Word documents upon upload.
The DS-7000 provides full integration capabilities for all major profesional digital work flow systems. It comes packaged with Next-Generation Olympus Dictation Management software.

Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder.
is what you have been waiting for!

The DS-7000 Olympus Digital Voice Recorder sets a new industry standard in professional dictation equipment. Designed for professionals who rely on secure, flexible, reliable products as integral parts of their office workflow, it features real-time 256-bit file encryption, a redesigned, independently housed microphone, enhanced battery life and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) software. Hipaa Compliant

The DS-7000 - Dictation - defined.
The industry standard for medical and legal professionals and replaces the DS-5000.
The Olympus AS7000 Digital Transcription Kit is an all in one solution for transcribing your digital files manually. Designed to match perfectly with the Olympus DS series digital Dictaphones the AS7000 includes the new Olympus RS-31 four switch USB foot pedal for playback control, the latest Olympus Dictation Management System software and a set of light-weight transcription headphones (E62).

Olympus Digital Transcription Kits have long been the standard for professional PC transcription and the new AS7000 continues that tradition with a more durable and customisable foot pedal that comes with both a common USB connector or older style serial connector and has a great non-slip surface so that you can be certain your always in control of your dictation playback.

The new Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Transcription Module pairs perfectly with the ODMS Dictation Module and allows for easy automation and integration of both the transcriptionists PC and that of the person making the dictations.

The AS7000 can even be coupled with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software (sold separately) to facilitate fast and easy correction of automatically transcribed dictation.


Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Transcription Software
Light-Weight Transcription Headset (E62)
Four Position RS-31 Foot Pedal
Olympus AS-7000 Professional Digital Transcription Kit

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with all Olympus digital recorders (DS, DM, WS, LS, VN)
  • Four position foot pedal control (USB and Serial)
  • Includes New Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS): Transcription Module
  • Both Windows PC and Apple Mac compatible
  • High level security with digital encryption and FTP capacity

Olympus DS-7000 and AS-7000 dictation package bundle.

The New Olympus DS-7000 and AS-7000 are tailored to meet all your professional dictation needs. They are part of the complete Olympus dictation solution comprising voice recorder, transcription kit and dictation management software.

Olympus' premium dictation recorder, the DS-7000, is now available in a bundle with the AS-7000 typing kit at reduced bundle price.You will save by purchasing this bundle over the individual items.

The Olympus DS-7000 is an advanced digital voice recorder for medical and legal professionals. It is ideal for dictating letters, written advice and file notes.

The DS7000 and AS7000 digital transcription package is all you will every need for professional grade audio transcription. And if you are seeking even greater productivity gains, this package is integrated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12. That means you can dictate and have your dictation automatical transcribed by Dragon for your secretary to edit and finalise. This saves a immense amount of time.
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Dragon Speech Recognition

Let your voice do all the typing

Dragon, the worldís best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer ó quickly and accurately ó just by using your voice. You donít even have to lift a finger.

With the recent release of the all-new Dragon NaturallySpeaking 14 excitement has been high, with it's productivity enhancements including expanded voice capabilities for popular web applications, support for built-in microphones and a new interface with easier set-up, Dragon 14 is faster, more accurate, and our most flexible version to date. Check out what's new by clicking here:

What users are saying
"The pace of writing would not be remotely conceivable to me without Dragon" Joe R.
Dragon offers many simple and powerful vocabulary tools to allow you to make your dictations faster and more convenient. The Help contains much information about personalizing the Vocabulary.
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Customizing the vocabulary. 
How often do you use a phrase or name that may seem commonplace to you, but a person who hears it for the first time may not be able to spell it: that name is not yet part of this personís vocabulary. Similarly, if a word or phrase is not in Dragonís active vocabulary, the software cannot transcribe it correctly without a little instruction. This month our focus is on customizing Dragonís vocabulary to speed dictation and improve overall recognition so you can work faster and smarter. 
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NUANCE has released Dragon Dictate for Mac4®
The latest update adds transcription capabilities, allowing for speech to text conversion from pre-recorded audio files and more!
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