Mobile Professional Applications
  • Desk Sharing
  • Road warriors
  • Professionals who travel as part of their job
The sound choice for speech recognition

There's good reason VXi's next generation TalkPro headsets are the talk of the speech recognition industry.  In fact, there are a lot of good reasons.  They have a sleep, one-piece look that's as sophisticated as sthe technology it houses.  The latest VXi noise-cancelling microphone technology for accurate audio performance.  Wideband audio, for more natural, productivity-boosting sound quality.  And the UC models add DSP (digital signal processing) and echo cancellation, ensuring the most precise and clearest audio for speech recognition and IP communications.  TalkPro headsets are perfect for contact center and office use too.  And for movile professionals, Skypers and road warriors.  With seven models to choose from, there's a TalkPro that's just right for every need and every environment.

  • Improved noise-cancelling microphone ensures your application hears precisely what you say
  • Even more lightweight and comfortable, easy to wear all day long
  • Flexible microphone boom stays where you put it, for consistent, optimal voice quality
  • Plug-and-play ease of use meanse no drivers or software to install
  • Durably designed for all-day, every day use
  • A choice of models and wearing styles: monaural, binaural stereo and convertible
  • UC-ready when you are to fit right into your Unified Communications strategy

Choose the VXi TalkPro headset that's right for you

VXi TalkPro SC - PC sound card headset
The VXi TalkPro SC headset was designed to be used with your computer's soundcard.  Its two 3.5mm plugs connect to your computer's microphone jack and headset jack.  The VXi TalkPro SC is available in a monaural over-the-head wearing style (VXi TalkPro SC1)

VXi TalkPro USB - Plug-and-play USB headsets
VXi TalkPro USB headsets feature a USB connection that plugs directly into a USB port on your computer, plus inline mute and volume control.  The VXi TalkPro USB is available in monaural (VXi TalkPro USB1), binaural stereo (VXi TalkPro USB2) and vonvertible (VXi TalkPro USB3) wearing styles.

VXi TalkPro UC - Optimized for Unified Communications
VXi TalkPro UC headsets feature a USB connection that plugs directly into a USB port on your computer.  Full-featured and UC-ready.  VXi TalkPro UC headsets are optimized for Unified Communications with DSP (digital signal processing) and echo cancellation and include one-touch inline mute, volume, and answer/end controls.  The VXi TalkPro UC is available in monaural (VXi TalkPro UC1), binaural stereo (VXi TalkPro UC2) and convertible (VXi TalkPro UC3) wearing styles.

Speech Recognition Applications
  • Medical/legal dictation
  • Business Communications
  • Anyone who has difficulty typing, such as people with disabilities
Contact Center and Office Applications
  • Handset replacement
  • Multi-use: softphone, voice applications and music
Product Highlights

  • Multiple model choices and wearing styles.  Monaural and binaural stereo (over-the-head) and convertible (over-the-head, over-the-ear and behind-the-neck)
  • Sleek, one-piece design that's lightweight and exceptionally comfortable for all-day wear
  • Improved noise-cancelling microphone with wideband audio for accurate audio-performance
  • Superior high quality receiver audio
  • Precision gooseneck microphone boom ensures consistent, proper microphone placement
  • Hearing protection to avoid sudden and unexpected sound spikes (e.g. fax machines)
  • Plug-and-play set-up (no need to install drivers or additional software)
  • Two-year warranty
Problem-Solving Features
  • Improved speech recognition accuracy with the introduction of a new VXi noise-cancelling microphone
  • Adjust the volume of the computer without touching the computer (Not available on the TalkPro SC1)
  • New lightweight design provides all-day comfort
  • Optimized for Unified Communications (TalkPro UC1, UC2 and UC3)

Benefits to the End User
  • Improved accuracy for speech recognition applications
  • Light weight design for all-day comfort
  • Flexible "stay-put" microphone boom stays in position for consistent, optimal voice quality
  • Multiple wearing styles let users choose the style that is right for them
  • Clear communications:  The person on the other end of the call hears what the caller is saying, not the noisy background
  • High quality receiver ensures that the user can clearly hear the other person on the phone

Benefits to the Employer
  • Multiple wearing styles help meet the demands of different users with a single headset
  • Improved efficency.  Employees spend less time correcting dictation/speech recognition mistakes and more time on productive tasks
  • High quality, ambient noise-free audio means shorter, more productive customer interactions
  • Improved experience when using Unified Communications solutions
  • Eliminates employees' exposure to sudden sound spikes
With seven models to choose from TalkPro headsets are perfect for every speech recognition use, from dictation to Unified Communications to home agents.
VXi announces our next generation VXi TalkPro line of speech recognition headsets for contacty center and office (CC&O) and Unified Communications environments.  A complete offering for the speech recognition market, the VXi TalkPro line includes one monaural soundcard headset, three USB headsets (monaural, binaural and convertible), and three UC-compliant USB headsets (monaural, vinaural and convertible).  Every model is optimized for speech recognition and comes with a 2 year warranty.
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VXi TalkPro UC - Optimized for Unified Communications.

TalkPro UC1. Monaural headset terminating in a USB  connector.  Features echo cancellation, DSP, one-touch inline volume, mute and answer/end controls.
TalkPro UC2.  Binaural stereo headset terminating in a USB connector.  Features echo cancellation, DSP, one-touch inline volume, mute and and answer/end controls.
TalkPro UC3. Convertible (over-the-head, over-the-ear and behind-the-neck) headset terminating in a USB connector.  Features echo cancellation, DSP, one-touch inline volume, mute and answer/end controls.

Target Applications.

The next generatioin TalkPro products have applications in the speech recognition, contact center, office and mobile professional segments of the CC&O market.  They also have a secondary application for end users' personal use, e.g., Skype, gaming and other voice applications.

VXi TalkPro SC - PC sound card headset.

TalkPro SC1.  Monaural headset terminating in two 3.5mm soundcard jacks.
VXi TalkPro USB - Plug-and-play USB headsets.
TalkPro USB1.  Monaural headset terminating in a USB connector.  Features an inline mute and volume control.
TalkPro USB2.  Binaural stereo headset terminating in a USB connector.  Features an inline mute and volume control.
TalkPro USB3.  Convertible headset (over-the-head. over-the-ear and behind-the-neck) terminating in a USB connector.  Features an inline mute and volume control.
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Customizing the vocabulary. 
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